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Special News:

Charity Auctions

Why Your Organization Needs to Use MAB Celebrity Service’s Going, Going, Gone! Auctions:
NO COST, NO RISK! Organizations are guaranteed to make money on every item sold. No event is too large or small, a variety of strategies will be provided to your organization to meet its specific needs. An athlete or spokesperson can be provided for your event. We will work together to help your cause reach above and beyond all expectations!

Going, Going, Gone! Auctions will run every aspect of your auction:
An experienced staff will organize, manage, and supervise the event from start to finish. This includes initial set-up of an impressive display of merchandise as well as breakdown following the event. In addition, all winning parties will be announced; payments processed/collected; and certificates of authenticity issued for the items sold.


Going, Going, Gone! Auctions will tailor the auctioned items to your specific crowd



Some of the Charities Going, Going, Gone! Auctions has worked with:

The Robinson Cano Foundation


The New York Mets Foundation


The Darryl Strawberry Foundation


The David Wright Foundation
National Audubon Society
Randy Owen’s Celebrity Classic
The Thomas R. Elasser Fund
Rehabilitation Foundation of IPM

Interested? Have questions? Contact us so we can start helping your charity today!