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Special News:

The Gary Sanchez Private Signing Has Been Postponed to mid- April.

MAB at the National

MAB Celebrity Services will be heading to the 41st Annual National Sports Collector’s Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.

July 29 – August 2, 2020

We take mail orders for all events listed! You can order items to be signed from us or you can send in your own items to be signed. For FAQ, you can visit out our MAIL ORDER PAGE. Call 973-808-1740 or email to place your order now!

Mail orders must be received by Tuesday July 21st.

Listed below is the talent appearing for MAB Celebrity Services. For the full lineup and to order tickets visit

Keith Hernandez
2x World Series Champ
11x Gold Glove
1979 NL MVP

Dave Winfield
3,000 Hit Club
MLB HOF 2001

Tim “Rock” Raines
808 Career Stolen Bases
MLB HOF 2017

Jim Rice
1978 AL MVP
MLB HOF 2009

Ozzie Smith
13x Gold Glove
MLB HOF 2002

Lawrence Taylor
2x Super Bowl Champ
10x Pro-Bowl
NFL HOF 1999

Bobby Hull
“The Golden Jet”
HHOF 1983

Brooks Robinson
2x World Series Champ
1964 AL MVP
16x Gold Glove
MLB HOF 1983

Reggie Jackson
5x World Series Champ
2x World Series MVP
1973 AL MVP
MLB HOF 1993

Eddie Murray
1983 World Series Champ
1977 Rookie of the Year
3,000 Hit Club
500 Home Run Club

Joe Montana
4x Super Bowl Champion
3x Super Bowl MVP
1977 National Champ
NFL HOF 2000

Larry Csonka
2x Super Bowl Champ
NFL HOF 1987

Roberto Alomar
2x World Series Champ
10x Gold Glove
MLB HOF 2011